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Q: How do I code in my new remote through the wall console?
A: With the power on, turn the light on the motor off using the light toggle switch.  Press and hold the light toggle button in for about 5 seconds.  The light will come on and after 5 seconds go off again.  Release the button and the light will come on.  Within 30 seconds press the required button on the digi e-key transmitter.  The light on your digidoor will go off.  Press the same button on your transmitter again.  The light on the Digidoor will flash repeatedly.  Your transmitter has now been coded into your garage door operator.

Q: I have an external receiver, how do I code a new remote?
A: Connect the LEARN-LINK to LEARN on the receiver.  Remove the LEARN-LINK immediately and the LED will light solidy.  Within the next 30 seconds press the required button on the remote and the LED will go off.  Press the same button on the remote again – the LED will flash repeatedly, indicating that the remote is active.  The receiver will now respond to that remote button.

Q: We are in a complex, how many transmitters will a standard receiver code in?
A: A standard receiver will take 33 remotes, should need a larger amount of receivers you should get a Complex Receiver which can hold up to 500 remotes.  Contact your nearest Hydro Doors branch or your nearest distributor for more information.

Q: My remote has gone missing.  I need to clear it off my garage door and code in a new one?
A: Press and hold the Light toggle button in for about 10 seconds.  He light will come on, go off after 5 seconds and 5 seconds later will flash to indicate that the memory has been erased.  Follow the instructions above on how to code in a new remote.